Dedicated Involved Parents.
Providing an enriched education for all children through fundraising excellence

 Welcome to the PACE website.  PACE stands for ‘Parents Association Colfax Elementary’.  All parents of Colfax kids are automatically members and you are invited to participate in any way you can with all of our on-going activities.  You can find out about all of our fundraisers here on this site!  
What do we raise funds for?

As parents, we appreciate the outstanding education our children receive at Colfax and recognize it as a great privilege – one that we must all preserve and protect.  Delivering this extraordinary education is not possible with LAUSD funds alone.  So we FUNDRAISE!

Last year, we awarded the school $307,677 to pay for the amazing classroom and educational aides who help to make our children’s school day more fulfilled.  

Aides such as these:

Ms. Kate  – is our beloved Senior campus aide and is often found in the yard managing games and activities.  She also leads the weekly Psychomotor Program for the students and so much more!

Ms. Klace – is our one and only Art Teacher.  
The children love her art lessons and we also provide for her supplies to make Art come alive.

Ms. Leila – is our one of a kind Science Aide.  She runs and maintains the Science Lab, keeping it up to date and researching new topics to teach the children at all grade levels, alongside their grade level teacher.

But that’s not all…. we also fundraise for:

The Colfax Farm

We have our very own farm on site and some special farm animals. Under the supervision of Ms. Leila Wells, and a few parent volunteers, students have the unique opportunity to learn about animals and nature while exploring and developing social skills. Experiences most elementary students would never get the opportunity to have. Inspiring curiosity and a love and compassion for animals that will hopefully last their entire lives.
PACE funds Vet Visits, Food for the animals, Shelter and improvements to their area as needed.

Field Trips

PACE funds one field trip per year for each grade level.

Enrichment Assemblies

Every grade level receives at least one educational assembly a year, that is paid by PACE. These assemblies address different relevant topics for that age group, and are held during the school day. This should not be confused with the regular Monday morning assembly held by Mrs. Friedman!


We are committed to preparing our students to be active members of the technology age.
In an effort to bring technology into the classroom, our school has computer carts and ipad carts on wheels, for students to access technology right at their desks! Every classroom has wireless internet access and desktop computers for students and teacher use also.
In 2017/18 we our fundraising successfully funded a complete Computer Lab refresh for this new 2018/19 school year!!! Complete with 40 brand-new mac desktops!


Every student in Kindergarten and First Grade are taught to play the violin using the Suzuki method age appropriate to these students. Violin class is taught in the classroom and involves the classroom teacher and parent volunteers.
All students receive music classes teaching the different elements of Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, Firm, Tone Color, and Improvisation.
When students participate in the various parts of music, connections are made in many areas of their thinking (i.e. spatial reasoning, English Language Development, math and fractions) which in turn improves the whole students’ approach to learning.
Students in 3rd – 5th grade have the opportunity to participate in chorus. Chorus meets for an hour once a week with our music teacher and they perform what they have practiced!
The Colfax Instrumental Music Program (Orchestra) consists of beginning and advanced students who play violin, cello, flute, clarinet, trumpet, and trombone. Their class meets once a week and students enjoy performing opportunities such as the Holiday Program, the World Fair, the Culminating Concert, as well as other special invitational performing venues.


Since living an active lifestyle and being physically fit is essential to good health, every Wednesday you can find our team of dedicated staff members and volunteers working with the students. They lead students in activities geared at developing game skills that are success oriented and non-competitive. These standards-based lessons are fun and increase cardio health and muscle strength.

If you would like to get involved in any of our committees and fundraisers, please click on the left hand menu to find out more and contact the Committee leads, or do not hesitate to contact your PACE Co-Presidents:

 Lisa Adler or Sonja Young.