Fall Fitness Fair

Fall Fitness Fair
Wednesday, November 14 2018
3:00pm – 4:30pm

The goal of this event is to promote healthy habits, physical fitness and fun, while teaching our kids the importance of giving back by raising money based on their participation.

The event will take place at the track/play area behind the school where we will host 4 different activity stations:

  • Dance
  • Basketball skills
  • Turkey Trot Relay Race
  • Martial Arts

We welcome you to invite your families, neighbors, cousins and friends to support your child’s participation in this fun event! 

Please point them to this link, to make a donation:  Donate Now!  We will track the donations from all across the world to see just “How Far The Turkey Trots!”  Lets see how far he can get!!


The team needs your help!  It takes a lot of parent power to run the event on the day.  We want to keep participants safe, fed and watered throughout the afternoon!  Click HERE to enter your email and receive your personal sign up link.  Then scroll down to “view” in the Turkey Trot section to sign up for any of the many areas we need help.  This is going to be a really fun event for parent volunteers and student participants alike!

Many Thanks in advance for your help in making our event a success!

Gobble Gobble, 
Michelle Voetberg and Susie Kheel